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PLAYMOBIL 70551 Stunt Show Crash Car

PLAYMOBIL 70551 Stunt Show Crash Car

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PLAYMOBIL 70551 Stunt Show Crash Car


can be used as a racing car or stunt car by replacing different parts of the car including the bumper, hood, and burning engine. Includes driver and crash test dummy. Dimensions: 9.3 - 10.2 x 4.8 x 3 in (LxDxH)


Now is the crash car's big entrance. The daring driver skilfully steers around burning barrels and drives the course at a new top speed. For the next stunt, the racing car is converted into a stunt car. For this purpose, ramp and a burning engine block are mounted and the motorcycle artist can already perform his daring stunts. Absolutely fascinating extreme sports! The set consists of a PLAYMOBIL driver, a crash car, a crash test dummy, burning barrels and many other action-packed extras. The racing car can be converted into a crash car with a burning engine block and ramp by changing bumper and hood.

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