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PLAYMOBIL 70411 Skull Pirate Ship

PLAYMOBIL 70411 Skull Pirate Ship

SKU: 4008789704115

PLAYMOBIL 70411 Skull Pirate Ship


with three pirates and lots of accessories. Access the interior of the ship from the large opening in the middle. The ship floats.


The dangerous pirates with their Skull Pirate Ship are the terror of the seven seas. As soon as their fiery red sail with the grim skull and crossbones comes into view, all sailors become scared and bang. The cunning pirate captain and his crew are always on the lookout for the next treasure or ship to board. With their swivelling cannons, pistols and sabres, the buccaneers plunge into every battle without fear. Watch out, you landlubbers and redcoats! The game set includes a pirate ship, three PLAYMOBIL characters, a spider monkey, a parrot and two rats. The ship is floatable and can be upgraded with an RC underwater motor (9853). For more flexible trips in the children's room, the hull is equipped with wheels, so the ship can be moved effortlessly across the floor.

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