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PLAYMOBIL 70348 Adventure Zoo Expansion Set

PLAYMOBIL 70348 Adventure Zoo Expansion Set

SKU: 4008789703484

PLAYMOBIL 70348 Adventure Zoo Expansion Set


with observation path extension and demarcation elements for water and grass enclosures. The article is ideal for expanding the adventure zoo world. The path can be combined with the large adventure zoo (# 70341) and the lions in the outdoor enclosure (# 70343) Dimensions: 23.5 x 14 x 12.5 cm (LxDxH)


Observing exotic animals up close is the best thing for zoo visitors, but of course the animals should be disturbed as little as possible in their habitat. That is why the visitors to the large adventure zoo walk on an elevated wooden walkway from which they have maximum visibility. With this extension set, the wooden footbridge can be extended and the enclosures can be enlarged and converted using the additional demarcation elements.


Accessories: 1 extension element observation path, 1 demarcation element water enclosure with aquatic plants, 1 demarcation element grass enclosure with plants,

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