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PLAYMOBIL 70331 Outdoor Adventure

PLAYMOBIL 70331 Outdoor Adventure

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PLAYMOBIL 70331 Outdoor Adventure


Obstacle riding with barrels and archery. With Abigail Boomerang and Ursula with horse Bing Cherry. Extra: friendship bracelet for children with horseshoe badge to collect.


Of course, Abigail and Ursula with their horses Boomerang and Bing Cherry should not be missing from their great outdoor adventure. In the competition between the PALs - Pru, Abigail and Lucky and the BUDs - Bebe, Ursula and Daphne, Abi and Ursula face the next challenge: barrel riding. Barrel riding - barrel riding means riding the horse as quickly as possible to ride all the barrels. Then it's the archery turn. Each of the girls shoots six arrows at the target one after the other, who can prove more skill with the bow? A great horseshoe badge and a bracelet await the winner. Abigail is crazy about the colorful bracelets and always carries her collection around in her pocket. The outdoor adventure play set consists of the spirit characters Abigail with horse Boomerang and Ursula with horse Bing Cherry, as well as two barrels for barrel riding competition and a target, six arrows and a bow for archery. For big spirit fans, a friendship bracelet with two horseshoe clips to collect is included.


Figures: 1 Abigail, 1 Ursula
Animals: 1 horse Boomerang, 1 horse Bing Cherry
Accessories: 3 barrels, 1 target, 6 arrows, 1 quiver, 1 bow, 1 compass, 1 guide, 2 halter, 2 reins, 2 horse blankets, 2 Saddles, 1 bag, 7 silicone bracelets, 2 camp hats, 2 apples, 1 children's bracelet, 2 horseshoe badges
DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free © 2020 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved.



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