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PLAYMOBIL 70343 Lions in the Outdoor Enclosure

PLAYMOBIL 70343 Lions in the Outdoor Enclosure

SKU: 4008789703439

PLAYMOBIL 70343 Lions in the Outdoor Enclosure


From the observation path, mother and son have a good view of the lions in the outdoor enclosure. The path can be combined with the large adventure zoo (# 70341) and the extension set adventure zoo (# 70348). Dimensions: 37 x 27 x 15 cm (LxDxH)


Lions are among the most majestic and popular animals. From the elevated wooden walkway above the rock portal, all visitors have a great view of the wild animals and can observe the lion family very well. It is now feeding time and the young family is greedy for the meat. From a safe distance from a tree, the squirrels also watch the goings-on of the big cats. The play set contains two PLAYMOBIL figures, a wooden footbridge with stairs over a rock portal, four lions, a heron, two squirrels, a salamander, as well as movable demarcation elements for building an enclosure. When combining the lion outdoor enclosure with the large adventure zoo (Art. No. 70341), a large, continuous wooden walkway can be built that can be entered or left from two sides.


Figures: 1 woman, 1 young animal: 1 lion, 1 lioness, 2 lion cubs, 2 squirrels, 1 heron, 1 crocodile baby

Accessories: 1 extension element observation path, 1 staircase, 1 large rock with tree, 2 small rocks with tree trunk, 2 demarcation elements moat with plants, 1 telescope, 2 light columns, 1 bone, 1 meat leg

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